Race information

Saturday 30.09.2023

  • 15h00 – 19h00: Pick-up starter pack (marathon, half marathon) – @Grand Place
  • 15h00 – 19h00: Pick-up starter pack (10km, Kids Run) – @King Baudoin Stadium

Sunday 01.10.2023

  • 07h30-10h30: Pick-up starter pack (marathon, half marathon) – @Grand Place
  • 07h30- 09h45: Pick-up starter pack (10KM, kids run) – @King Baudoin Stadium
  • 09h00: Brussels Airport Marathon – Start @De Brouckèreplein
  • 09h00 : Race For The Cure 10K – Start @Koning Boudewijnstadion
  • 09h15: Race For The Cure 4K – Start @King Baudouin Stadium
  • 09h30: Kids Run 1K – Start @King Baudoin Stadium
  • 9h45: Brussels Airport 10K – Start @King Baudoin Stadium
  • 10h30: Brussels Airport Half Marathon – Start @De Brouckèreplein

Participant packs will not be posted but can be collected on site at the registration area on Saturday or Sunday.

1 week before the event, individually registered participants will receive a confirmation email with their personalised number (when subscribed before 11.09.2023) or an e-ticket. With this personal number or e-ticket, participants can pick up their participant package at the pre-registration desk on Saturday (30.09.2023) or Sunday (01.10.2023).

The starter pack contains:

  • Personalised race number with your name*
  • Unique medal at the finish for every finisher
  • Participants of the marathon receive the exclusive Brussels Airport Marathon T-shirt for free
  • Refreshment stations on the course and at the finish
  • Changing rooms and showers near the start
  • Storage/transport for your sports bag
  • Correct distance and time indication on the course and at the finish
  • Results, available live in the event app and fully published official results on the website
  • Detailed course description for every distance, which includes the refreshment stations.
  • Sportinez-insurance during the races. Click here for more information
  • Electronic chip at the back of the race number ensuring correct time registration
  • A great opportunity to qualify for the 2024 AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships.

* Personalised race numbers are only available for participants registered online before 11 September 2023. There are no personalized numbers for the Kids Run. There are no personalized numbers for the Kids Run.

Brussels Airport Marathon:

  • 5 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon
  • 10 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon
  • 15 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon + bananas
  • 20 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon + wine gums + salty biscuits
  • 25 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon + bananas + salty biscuits
  • 30 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon + bananas + winegums + salted biscuits
  • 35 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon + bananas + salty biscuits
  • 40 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon

Brussels Airport Half Marathon:

  • 5 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon
  • 10 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon
  • 15 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon + bananas
  • 19 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon

Brussels Airport 10K:

  • 3 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon + bananas
  • 8 KM: Water + AA Drink Iso Lemon

Both water and AA Drink Iso Lemon will be offered in cups.
Toilets are available at each supply point.
High-quality supplies will be handed out at the finish with an AA Drink Iso Lemon, Fulfil bar, HiPRO drink and salty biscuits

From 7 a.m. on Sunday you can drop off your sports bag at the ‘sports bag storage area’ on the Heysel or at the trucks near Debrouckère (marathon & half marathon). A numbered sticker will be stuck on your bag. The same number will also be stuck on your chest number. After the run, you can pick up your sports bag at the Heysel plateau only upon presentation of your bib with ‘ sticker’. For the participants of the marathon and half marathon, the organization provides a transport of the bags from start to finish.

Participants in the marathon & half marathon must drop off their sports bag 30 min before the race starts so that it can be transported to the finish line in a timely manner.

Loose articles of clothing or plastic bags will not be accepted. So be sure to bring a tight-fitting (sports) bag to put your belongings in. Sports bags can be picked up until 3 p.m.

The organization provides changing rooms and showers in the King Baudouin Stadium.

The Kids Run is a 1 km run, especially set up for the younger ones between the age of 4 and 12 years old. No one runs too fast or too slow. You can sprint or walk, everyone is allowed to go at their own pace. At the finish you will be given a fun medal as a lovely memory and a refreshing drink!

  • Start: Heizel district (more details to be confirmed)
  • Finish: Koning Boudewijnstadion.
    Start of the Kids Run will happen in 3 waves:
    • Wave 1: 11 & 12 yo
    • Wave 2: 9 & 10 yo
    • Wave 3: < 9 yo.

A number of very experienced, mainly Belgian ultra-runners led by Marnix Callewaert and Ivan Hostens, will fulfill the role of pacers for the Brussels Airport Marathon & Half Marathon.

The pacers will easily be recognizable in their start boxes thanks to their colored flags:

Brussels Airport Marathon
  • 2:59 pink flag
  • 3:15 blue flag
  • 3:30 yellow flag
  • 3:45 red flag
  • 3:59 green flag
  • 4:15 black flag
  • 4:30 orange flag
  • 4:45 grey flag
  • 5:00 white flag
Brussels Airport Half Marathon
  • 1:30 pink flag
  • 1:40 blue flag
  • 1:50 yellow flag
  • 2:00 red flag
  • 2:10 green flag

SPORTOGRAF.COM is the official photo service of the Brussels Airport Marathon. These photographers have acquired a good reputation in recent years with their fully digital service and competitive prizes.

In view of the fact that they themselves are active runners, they have an outstanding feeling from the perspective of the participant.

Find your pictures after the race (marathon) >>
Find your pictures after the race (half-marathon) >>
Find your pictures after the race (10km) >>

Brussels Airport Marathon

You do not have to enter a best time with your registration. Before the start of the marathon, you can stand in the starting area of your intended finish time. There will be no checks, thanks to the fair play of the marathon runners everyone can get off to a smooth start.

The starting boxes will be: 2h59/3h15/3h30/3h45/3h59/4h15/4h30/4h45/5h00

Brussels Airport Half Marathon

When registering you can specify your estimated end time. The 1000 fastest runners are awarded a low starting number to be in the first box.

Behind the first box there will be the following starting boxes: 1h30/1h40/1h50/2h00/2h10

You can take your position in the starting area of your intended finish time. Just like with the marathon, there will be no checks and we count on the fair play and sportsmanship of the participants.

Brussels Airport 10K

In this race there will be no starting box for faster athletes. Everyone starts together.

Time limit Brussels Airport Marathon

The time limit for the Brussels Airport Marathon is 5 hours. By order of the police the roads will be opened for traffic based on this pace. Those who run more slowly will be asked to stop their race or continue running at their own risk, without the roads being cordoned off. The finish closes at 14h10.

Time limit Brussels Airport Half Marathon

By police order, the course will be opened to traffic after the last runner and according to a strict schedule. The start will be given at 10:30 am. The finish will close at 14h10. This gives you 3h40 to reach the finish, or a pace of 6km/h. Anyone running slower will be dropped from the race.

The time measurement for the Brussels Airport Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K is done by means of an electronic chip. This chip, attached to the back of your number, measures the net time between start and finish. This means that your time does not begin to run until you pass over the starting line. This extra service ensures more accurate timekeeping.

This chip is included in the entry fee and does not need to be recovered after the race.

Do you want to change the distance or name? This is possible until 11 September 23:59 via info@golazo.com. Afterwards, changes are only possible at the registration desk on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October.

Change of distance

  1. First take off you race number
  2. Change your distance at the stand ‘change of name/distance’ and get a new race number

Changing to a lower distance is free of charge. For a higher distance, the difference in price will be charged.

Change of name

  1. Get the race number with the confirmation email from the person from whom you have taken over the starting number
  2. Have your details changed at the stand ‘change of name/distance’ and receive a new race number.

Do not forget to bring your ID. For a change of name there is a € 5 administration cost.

As a marathon participant, you have the unique opportunity to qualify for the 2024 AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships. Click here for more information.

For participants in the marathon or half marathon, we are providing an optional shuttle service from the King Baudouin Stadium to the Brouckère on the morning of Oct. 1. This shuttle can only be booked by participants of these two distances during the registration process. The ticket costs 12 €. The use of this shuttle is not mandatory but is an optional extra service.

The shuttle is only available to participants who have booked it in advance with their registration.

  • Departure times shuttles marathon: 7:00 am – 7:30 am
  • Departure time shuttles half marathon: 7:00 am – 9:00 am

Pick-up point: Parking C at the King Baudouin Stadium.

As soon as a bus is full, it leaves for the starting point (De Brouckère).

Participants who have booked a shuttle with their registration will receive an infomail with shuttle e-ticket one week in advance.

Coming from abroad and looking for an easy way to reach the Brussels Airport Marathon? Brussels Airport connects 115 European cities to Brussels, the heart of Europe. So book your flight, enjoy it and arrive at the starting line of the marathon in no time. The centre of Brussels is only minutes away from the airport. Train, bus or taxi? The choice is all yours!

Find your perfect flight here

Looking for an overnight stay in Brussels? We have selected a number of hotels for our participants. You can check them out here: https://secure.hotel.visitbrussels.be/event/brussels-marathon-2023/congress/search