Running together for charity: Run for Parkinson

The Brussels Airport Marathon & Half Marathon supports the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity, which raises money for research to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Run together through the heart of Europe and give this incredibly important research a boost with your donation !

About Parkinson – today degenerative and incurable. Tomorrow a solution?

Parkinson is a degenerative and until now incurable disease. Even though the illness is mainly known as an old age disease, more and more patients at a younger age (even as young as 20 years old) are diagnosed with Parkinson. The symptons (such as changes in movement, shaking, stifness, speech impairment, difficulty swallowing, sleep deficit and depression) are widespread and worsen as the illness evolves.
Until now, all available medicines for Parkinson focus on treatment of symptons : they (temporarily) help mask the symptons or decrease them, but have no impact on the evolution of the disease. The effectiveness of the medicines decreases as the illness worsens. In general, there is relatively little funding for neuro-degenerative diseases, of which Parkinson is one, and it is therefore so incredibly important to invest in this research.

Demoucelle Parkinson Charity vzw

The Demoucelle Parkinson Charity vzw wants to give more visibility to this disease and with projects and organisations, which play an important role in the search for a cure, it aims to help, to advise and to support. The aim of the charity is to increase the success rate by offering time, energy and competent forces. They help financially. The focus is on the support of the disease-changing projects. Promising projects that will benefit from financial support are selected together in collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Support the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity with a donation on the online registration form of the Brussels Airport Marathon & Half Marathon 2023. Let’s run for Parkinson!


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